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Halloween Hair Looks

Halloween is almost here! You’ve decided on your costume, but have you thought about your hairstyle? Follow these simple steps to recreate two of our favourite spooky Halloween hairstyles at home.

Wednesday Addams plaits

  1. Smooth, sleek hair is key to this look - brush hair through with a Tangle Angel Pro to remove any knots or tangles.

  2. Apply a couple of pumps of a lightweight serum – like Richard Ward Chelsea London Argan Elixir - to the lengths and ends of your hair to smooth down any flyaways and add shine.

  3. Create a sharp centre parting in your hair and split into two sections on either side of your head.

  4. Start plaiting your hair from mid-way down, just below your ears.

  5. Plait to the ends of the hair and secure it in place with a clear elastic.

Tip: use clip in extensions for added length.

Slicked back / wet-look hair – perfect for vampires or dramatic face makeup

  1. Brush through hair with a Tangle Angel Pro to remove any knots or tangles.

  2. Take sections on top of your hair and lightly backcomb them to create some volume. Spritz in some hairspray like Richard Ward Chelsea London for extra hold.

  3. Lightly brush over the backcombed sections to smooth them over.

  4. Using a wet-look gel with hold, like L’Oreal Professionnel Extreme Splash, apply generously all over your hands and rake your hair back.

  5. Use your hairdryer on a low setting to encourage the gel to set into shape.

  6. Avoid putting any gel on the ends of the hair – keep it to the top of the head only.

Tip: Before applying the wet-look gel, blow-dry your hair backwards and away from your face to encourage roots to sit back from the face.