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Richard Ward's Tips On Using Rollers

What are the best kinds of hair rollers? Heated/Velcro/foam/sleep in

Velcro is definitely my favourite type of roller, but they always need to be secured with a clip otherwise they move around!

What are the best hair rollers for different hair lengths and types? i.e. Thin/thick and long/short

Velcro rollers are the best choice for most hair types – they’re easy to use and create lots of volume and body.

What does using hair rollers achieve?

Rollers are fantastic for creating glamorous, long-lasting volume and bounce.

Best tips for using hair rollers and how to make the desired look last longer

  • Always secure rollers with a clip so they don’t loosen and move around.

  • Hair sections must be no wider than the size of the roller and no thicker than an inch.

  • Pull the hair tight when rolling them up.

  • Hair sets as it cools, so leave the rollers in for as long as possible – this will help the style last longer.

  • Lightly mist hairspray over the top of the rollers before taking them out.

Do certain face shapes/hair types suite hair rollers more?

Rollers are used universally, especially by people with long hair who are looking for bounce and volume. They’re especially good for people with longer face shapes, as volume will always give the appearance of wider features.

Which clients are regular hair roller users?

We use rollers on many clients of all ages and for lots of different styles. Though they are best known for classic styles, if used in the right way rollers can create modern looks that will last that little bit longer.

How much should people reasonably pay for a good set of hair rollers and how long should they last?

An average size pack of 8 velcro rollers with clips included should cost no more than £10, and if looked after they should last for lots of uses.