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Hairspray Tricks!

Celebrity hairdresser Richard says:

Hairspray has really come back into fashion recently - not that it ever went away on the salon floor - and women are increasingly returning to hairspray as a fool-proof way to hold their volume and style. Here are my five hairspray tricks:

Which Hairspray?

Hair that is fine in texture or sparser in density (less of it) needs a volumising spray with a light hold factor so it doesn't overload or leave residue. Coarser hair or hair which is more abundant (lots of it) naturally need more hold so can go for stronger formulas, however, stronger holds are naturally heavier and stickier to give a firmer result, so choose one which has a micro-fine spray jet and therefore brushes out easily.

Get creative - Be creative with your hairspray - for an ultra light hold spray into the brush first before brushing through after styling, or spritz into the air and walk into the spray for a very light mist, smoothing the product over the hair with your hands to give a film of hold and tame any strays.

Salon tricks? - For hold whilst blow-drying into curls, I use this trick in the salon: Take a section with a radial brush and spritz lightly with a medium hold spray before blow-drying with heat; once dry finish with cool shot to set and another light spray to set.

Keep your distance - Remember to spray from a good distance for a lighter, finer mist (8" away) and therefore a more subtle result or closer (3-4”) for a stronger, firmer result.

Go green - Non-aerosol sprays don't have the micro-fine nozzle so can be wetter and feel stickier, too, but can be a good alternative, especially for travel and decanting into take-away size bottles.

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